United States of Army’s Intranet Protection

AKO Army System is a sophisticated United States of Army’s intranet protection which is the best and largest corporate intranet services. This Army System has made it possible for the registering of webmail for Army officers. The recruiting of officers and providing information to the public has been made easy with the Army’s public Web page. Army Knowledge Management is incorporated into the system of the Army so that the affairs of the Army officers can be use monitored with ease. DoD security policy has become effective with the use of Army or Defense Knowledge Online. The United States of America has made it possible for those in the Army to be safe with information and communication through AKO webmail. The Army System is very efficient and effective in making sure that classified and unclassified information around the Army environment is safe.

The Army Knowledge Online System that is popularly called AKO Army System has features like the e-mail, directory, portal and other functionality of the electronic mail providers. The system has made it possible for those in National Guard, Active Duty, DA Civilian, Reserves, and many others who have business with the Army to have access to the webmail and Army page web of the United States of America. The Army System for AKO is very functional that a soldier can make use of the services of DKO/AKO mail services from anywhere in the world. The system has been built on Appian BPM Suite technology that can make use of sharing of information, information dissemination, process management and other features because of the huge number of audience that are making use of it.

The system of AKO was designed as an experimental outgrowth which was as a project of the General Office Management Office. However, when the project became advanced and up to date, there was more development and research by the AKO Army System for the benefit of the millions of Army workers and civilians who are hired by workers by the America Army. Today, there is no active solider who is not registered with Army Knowledge Online webmail services for effective functionality in communication. The system has made it so simple that Army electronic programs, Army Correspondence Course Program, Army Learning Management System, US Army Reserve Virtual University and many other programs are made affordable and available for members of Army community.

With AKO Army System, financial records, Leave and Earning Statement and other functions have been made simple for those who need support or help from the Army. The security of AKO is made a priority by the Army system with DoD security policy so that there would be no leakage of information by an intruder. This is the reason why after one hundred and fifty days, a password for Army officers expired and must be replaced. And if a user does not access the AKO login with CAC, questions must be asked that would clearly take care of the security details of AKO.

The world of Army has become safe and trusting when it comes to information dissemination and communication from higher or superior offices to the officers and community. Gone are the days that electronic mails for Army officers were breached because of less effective system because the AKO Army System has become a body that is designed not to fail. For those who have less information about this AKO system, there are online information and sites that have clearly explained everything that is needed from a recruit or officer on what to do with the Army Knowledge Online system and the rule of making sure that security is maintained during communication through electronic mail.