Ako help desk number | Army Knowledge Online

Army knowledge online came into being in the 1990s. It was supposed to be a test version of the improvement of a project owned by the General office Management Office. This project was what brought about A2OL which means Americas Army Online but due to the legal issues regarding this name and the fact that this name is almost the same as that of another company, they have to let go of this name and so the Army project had to adopt a new name which is what is being used today, the AKO. The project officers that were saddled with this project in its inception were saddled with the responsibility of developing, researching and expanding the web services in order to benefit the Army officers globally and to improve the portal and all other services it’s rendering from its very basic start to a promising future.

AKO Help Desk Number when Calling Commercially and non Commercially:

  • The ako help desk number is 866-335-2769 when you are calling commercially.
  • In any other case, you will need use the following instructions:
    • Use DSN switch board at 312-560-1110.
    • Ask the operator to connect you to 866-335-2769
    • Select 2 when prompted to select.
    • You can always contact support at help@us.army.mil.
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Today, the army project has undergone many changes with various hands handling it but throughout all these years of its transformations, the basic reason and principle of the project is still very much intact. The concentration of names and emails in a database which is to be accessed through the webmail access, the centralization of data channel, white pages, the capability to scrutinize and reject credentials, ability to access the contents remotely and the capability to authenticate centrally are what the portal still operates on.
The system is built on a cutting edge technology and that is Appian BPM Suite. Appian offers the basis for all circulation of information, online learning or knowledge sharing, collaboration within the officials and also process management. Army officials have the opportunity of building access control lists for all information they own and so control the audience who will be able to access their information or contents. Its basic function is to provide email and collaboration services for the US army officials. Army knowledge online enables soldiers and Department of Army civilians to have access to Army online education like the army e-learning program, Army Correspondence Course program, US Army Reserve Virtual University, Army learning Management system and so on. This gives the officials of the US army the opportunity of learning and increasing their knowledge and education. There are a lot of good learning resources on the Army Knowledge online system from learning about various businesses to learning various languages and all these classes are offered for free for any interested member of the US Army. These courses can be very beneficial because it can be used for promotion in the armed forces and also used in the college.
Having access to all these services is free and it is compulsory on all enlisted member of the US army an active member of the US army. Access into the Army knowledge online involves having a password and a Common Access Card. This is based on the security policy of DoD. To have the army Knowledge online password, you must make sure the password has at least two lowercase letters, two uppercase letters, two special characters and also two numbers. The password expires after every 150 days and you are not allowed to change it to any password that has been used previously.
This system also has a segment for finance where soldiers are enabled to have access to their financial records. This includes their earning history and leave records, food allowances, housing allowances and so on. Not only that it offers financial records for officials, it also offers access to their medical history where the DNA of each official and his previous physical examination coupled with their recent health status are housed. The Army Knowledge Online provides all round services to the US Army and the non contracted civilians.